Energy consumption optimization (service and maintenance of facilities) -

Energy consumption optimization (service and maintenance of facilities)

Service and maintenance of facilities in optimizing energy consumption

Power consumption management involves a set of interconnected activities between the electricity industry

and its subscribers in order to rationalize power consumption so that the same utility in the field

of electricity can be achieved with greater efficiency and lower cost.

In this way, both the electricity supplier and the consumer will achieve more profit.

However, it should be noted that the purpose of electricity consumption management is to reduce production.

And it is not to reduce the welfare of society, but the rational and wise use of electrical energy and its proper use,

the result of which will be to maintain and even increase the production and welfare of society.

Power consumption optimization solutions

A) Solutions to reduce electricity consumption in lighting consumption:

Following the seemingly insignificant tips below will not only reduce energy consumption

but also deduct a significant amount from your monthly electricity bill.

۱- The first point that we must pay attention to is turning off the lamps in rooms that are not used.

۲ – Turn off extra light bulbs during peak hours.

۳- Reducing the brightness of corridors and corridors.

۴ – Timely inspection of wires, sockets and switches with the help of skilled people to prevent leakage of electrical current.

Energy consumption optimization (service and maintenance of facilities)

۵ – Regular cleaning of bubbles, frames and lamps to create more appropriate and transparent light.

۶- Refusing to use high-consumption lamps (incandescent-halogen-pencil, etc.)

in buildings and replacing them with various types of energy-saving lamps.

۷- Using compact lamps with electronic ballast instead of fluorescent lamps with old transformers and starters to reduce the amperage and increase the power factor.

۸- Disconnecting the cooling and heating systems of office premises after office hours.

(Service and maintenance of facilities in optimizing energy consumption)

۹ – Avoid opening doors and windows when the cooling and heating systems are on.

۱۰ – Informing colleagues to ensure the shutdown of electrical equipment

(including lighting, computers, fans and heating and cooling systems) after leaving work.

Energy consumption optimization (service and maintenance of facilities)

۱۱ – Set the used computers so that if not used (more than 5 minutes) to change the status to STAND BY mode.

۱۲ – Use natural light during the day and reduce unnecessary lighting.

۱۳ – Keep window windows clean to allow natural light to pass.

۱۴ – Use of thin curtains to prevent daylight.

۱۵ – Arrange the furniture in the room so that they do not block the light of day.

B) Installation of capacitive banks in the electricity network:

It is very common to use a capacitor as a reactive load generator to regulate and control the voltage and to prevent power fluctuations in networks and to correct the power factor in consumers due to the simplicity of its system.

Advantages of using a capacitor:

۱- Adjust the voltage and keep it constant in order to prevent damage to the devices.

۲ – Reduce system losses due to reduced current.

۳- Reduction of reactive power in the system due to current reduction

۴ – Improve network power factor

۵ – Delay or eliminate the necessary costs to make changes to the system.

۶ – Increase revenue due to reduced flow and eliminate reactive costs

Energy consumption optimization (service and maintenance of facilities)

C) Strategies to reduce consumption in gas coolers:

Today, the use of split air conditioners is increasing due to its advantages and very cool and pleasant weather,

but the correct use and proper use of split air conditioners like any other device is not to receive information

that if you pay attention to them in addition to benefit The cool and airy weather

in the hot summer season prevents you from paying the staggering cost of electricity consumption.

Therefore, we will offer some suitable executive solutions:

۱- Monthly washing and cleanliness of filters and surface of split coils are very important in creating air conditioning

and cooling, as well as increasing the efficiency of the device.

۲ – By installing the canopy on the outer panel of the condenser, the device can exchange heat

and cool the air conditioner gas away from the hot sunlight with better efficiency and less power consumption.

۳ – It is worth mentioning that the type of high-consumption lighting in the environment has a significant effect

on creating annoying heat in the building and increases the operating times of gas coolers and more electricity consumption.

۴- Reducing the number of high-consumption gas coolers (windows) and replacing them with lower consumption splits.

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