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Maintenance of building facilities

Maintenance of building facilities

One of the most important resources for the production of products and services in various industries and organizations is

machinery, equipment and infrastructure related to the field of activity and operations.

Industries and service units are increasingly in need of creating, deploying and developing a maintenance management system to be able

to improve the performance of equipment in the high volume of activities while ensuring the health and behavior of equipment.

In the past, machines were not complex and were mostly one-dimensional, so if needed, they did not need to provide and buy a lot of capital,

but with the advancement of science and knowledge and human desire to design and create equipment with different capabilities,

The issue of maintenance of facilities and repairs has also been developed and has become another necessity.

Among the goals of repairs and maintenance, on the one hand, is to increase the usability time and productivity,

and to reduce the rate and frequency of breakdowns and failures, and on the other hand, to increase the economic useful life of the desired devices, machines and parts.

Malfunctioning and dormant devices during operation can have many negative consequences and impose related costs.

And in certain cases, inconsistencies with the principles of protection and operation of other working groups and the creation of potential hazards.

Maintenance of building facilities

  • Facility maintenance services are provided to which buildings?

    Facility maintenance services are usually provided to buildings that have chillers, diesel generators, cooling towers, and the like. These buildings can be office, commercial or residential.

    After concluding the contract, the visits will be carried out periodically by Dimerco experts under the supervision of Mr. Pouya Sadoughi from the building’s engine room, depending on the type of contract.

Engine rooms and heating and cooling facilities, like any other mechanical or electrical device, need proper maintenance and repair to:
First: that they can always be used and exploited in favorable conditions.
Second: work in safe and secure conditions.
Third: work at their maximum efficiency and as a result their energy consumption is optimal.
And most importantly, they have a good lifespan and do not wear out quickly and do not impose additional annual costs.
Dimerco company, with optimal maintenance and repair of your thermal installations, offers you desirable services for the optimal operation of the installations, so that you can always be sure of meeting the above-mentioned conditions.

Engine room life

Older engine rooms, like many installations, suffer from corrosion, insulation and sealing,

or major changes in pressure control over time. In this case, the maintenance of the engine room facilities becomes much more serious.

Measuring the concentration of fossil fuels or adapting the emissions of these fuels to the standards of the Energy Efficiency Organization is

one of the maintenance services that are more important and new in the case of larger motorhomes such as office and commercial complexes, residential complexes and towers and hospitals.

Residents of a building may have made changes over the years to the point of adding or subtracting hot water taps or radiators.

If this is not done with the advice and opinion of an expert, over time they can cause problems in providing the required pressure and volume of hot water or the operation of pumps and engine valves.

Renovation of the engine room

One of the best ways to optimize energy consumption and reduce pollution is to modernize boiler engines and use newer equipment.

Of course, it should not be forgotten that renovation is not done for this purpose alone.

Sometimes the problems of the engine room are put together so that in total the cost of repairing the engine room is not economical compared to starting a new engine room with new equipment.

Engine room maintenance

Large residential or office and commercial complexes usually have long-term contracts

with specialist installation teams for regular maintenance and inspection of the engine room.

In these cases, according to the number of units and branches of the complex

as well as the current seasonal conditions, the number of visits per month is determined.

Of course, many large complexes have resident and repair personnel who, in case of technical problems, take action to resolve the problem.

Maintenance of building facilities

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