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Maintenance of tower and hotel facilities

Maintenance of tower and hotel facilities

Dimerco Company, with the most experienced staff, maintains the facilities of towers and hotels in dozens of buildings, towers and large office complexes.

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Due to the theoretical and technical problems of the refrigeration process,

maintenance of facilities and repair of cooling systems have a special sensitivity.

Absorption refrigeration technology is an excellent method for central air conditioning in installations

that have additional boiler capacity and can provide the steam or hot water needed to operate the chiller.

Chillers with a capacity of 25 to 1200 tons can easily provide refrigeration.

Of course, it should be noted that regarding the new technologies in this industry,

some manufacturers have succeeded in producing chillers with a capacity of 5,000 tons.

In absorption systems, water is often used as a refrigerant. The heat required for the operation of these chillers is supplied directly from natural gas or diesel.

Indirect sources of heat in absorption chillers are hot water, high pressure steam and low pressure steam.

Based on this, different manufacturers in the world offer three main types of absorption chillers, which are: direct flame, steam and hot water.

In a general division, absorption chillers can be classified into two categories: water and ammonia absorption chillers and lithium bromide and water absorption chillers.

In fact, in each absorption refrigeration cycle, there is an adsorbent fluid and a refrigerant fluid, on the basis of which the above division has been done.

In water and ammonia systems, ammonia refrigerant is a water-absorbing fluid.

Maintenance of tower and hotel facilities

In the lithium bromide and water system, the water refrigerant and the adsorbent are lithium bromide solution.

In addition to the mentioned refrigerant and adsorbent pairs, other pairs are also used in some adsorption refrigeration cycles.
But according to the components of the system, other divisions can be provided,

for example, absorption refrigeration cycles can be classified into one-effect, two-effect and three-effect refrigeration cycles.

Today, single-effect and double-effect absorption refrigeration cycles are made on a very large scale and in various forms.

Dimerco site has specialized personnel in the field of maintenance of central refrigeration systems,

absorption chillers, compression chillers, as well as various types of splits and gas cooler systems.

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