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Repairs of heating systems and equipment

Repairs of heating systems and equipment

Heating systems and equipment will need service and repairs after a while.

Periodic repairs of these equipment will increase their lifespan.

In the following, we provide some of the main services related to the repair of heating systems and equipment in Dimerco.

Renovation of the engine room

Because generations change one by one, the engine in the building needs to be maintained.

Some customers believe that the boiler can be repaired by welding, repairing and replacing some parts,

And the best time to repair the engine should be provided.

In fact, a fossil heating system consisting of a burner, heat exchanger and hot water boiler has a maximum useful life of 10 years,

and if a decision is made to maintain the system, the so-called overhaul must be completed.

In visits to office and residential buildings, it is often seen that the owners or managers of the building are bothered

by the high cost of repairing the facilities of the building and the system.

The important point is that a tank that has been subjected to 15 years of hard water corrosion has gradually thinned

due to corrosion and the corrosion rate has been higher in boiling points.

And for this reason, after the useful life has elapsed, no matter how much welding is done, it will be an additional and useless cost.

And the better solution is to get a new tank.

Maintenance of engine rooms

Repairs to construction facilities and engine room services in Iran have not yet stopped in their pre-maturity stage.

Still when an individual or even an installation company is called in to repair or maintain a building installation,

The employer is never sure of the parts and how they work and the price paid.

Dimerco company is ready to maintain hot water boilers and hot water circulation systems in the form of various projects according to their capacity.

Engine room and heating and cooling facilities, like any other mechanical or electrical device,

need proper maintenance and repair to always be used and operated in optimal conditions and work in safe and secure conditions.

They also work at their maximum efficiency and as a result their energy consumption is optimal and

most importantly they have a good lifespan and do not wear out quickly and do not impose additional annual costs.

Acid washing of heat exchanger

It is sometimes asked that the water temperature in the closed system has exceeded 70 degrees,

but the water temperature is cold.

And the more the boiler works and the more fuel it consumes, the more the water temperature does not rise or it hardly rises.

One of the main reasons for this problem is basically the deposition of heat exchanger or heat exchanger.

In many industrial devices, the issue of heat transfer is an important and influential issue in the efficiency of that device.

The process of heat exchange between two fluids with different temperatures separated by a solid wall occurs in many engineering applications.

Due to the wide application of heat exchangers, research on them has a long history.

Many researchers and engineers are looking for ways to improve the design and performance of heat exchangers and increase heat transfer efficiency.

These activities are constantly increasing due to the energy crisis and its focus is on strengthening heat transfer.

Our experts and technicians perform the coil washing and acid washing process of the coiled tank

and heat exchangers using the appropriate equipment and techniques with the highest quality.

Insulation of spa source, pipes and fittings

Imagine that water at a temperature of about 80 degrees Celsius is rapidly passing through a one-inch pipe

in a building engine room with the outside temperature nearing zero.

Even if you do not know the thermodynamic calculations, it is easy to imagine the large amount of thermal energy that is wasted from uninsulated pipes outdoors.

Motorhomes, which are the center of cooling and heating facilities, are among the places where all pipes, tanks, and thermal and refrigeration connections must be insulated.

As we know, having a fan inside the engine room is necessary to ventilate and deliver enough oxygen to the burner,

and therefore the air is always circulating.

And if the insulation is not insulated or used, fresh air from outside is always in contact and heat exchange with pipes and tanks.

The efficiency of the engine room varies between 60 to 80%, and if the insulation is not done properly,

this efficiency reduces the efficiency of the engine house by about 10 to 20%.

Maintenance of heating facilities

۲۰% reduction in efficiency means exactly equal to 20% increase in heating costs and building spa supply,

which is estimated at 4 to 8 million dollars for motorhomes of buildings and residential complexes.

It should be noted that for industrial engine rooms this figure is much higher.

Especially if the engine room is exposed to hot and cold weather.

Another problem is the lack of insulation in addition to increasing current fuel costs,

increasing system repair costs, increasing sedimentation in the heat exchanger and increasing the corrosion rate of pipes.

Today, the issue of energy saving is very important and the use of various equipment for

energy production and new strategies to prevent energy waste have been developed.

And in order to avoid incurring additional costs at the lowest cost, in addition to reducing current costs, you also need to reduce long-term repair costs.

Repairs of heating systems and equipment

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