Trane Commercial Chillers


Trane is a global leader in air conditioning systems, services and solutions.

Trane offers innovative indoor solutions through a wide range of heating systems,

Low-consumption air conditioning, contracting and energy services,

advanced component support and controls for homes,

and Commercial buildings optimize and help customers succeed.

Trane to engineers, contractors and building owners on all continents

and in a range of markets including training, Serves health, government, industrial / manufacturing, data centers, accommodation, retail and commercial real estate.

With more than 900 US patents to date, Trane creates comfortable, low-consumption environments around the world.

Famous landmarks such as the Moscow Kremlin, New York City Central Station and Burj Khalifa in Dubai are all within easy reach of Trane solutions.

Trane systems and services are known for their reliability, high quality and advanced innovation. And are available through a powerful distribution network.

Trane employees and distributors are respected throughout the industry for their skills

and performance in designing, building, marketing and supporting commercial and residential systems.

Today, the brand, which started as a family business a century ago, employs thousands of dedicated men and women around the world.

We are writing new chapters in our growth history through service and innovation every working day




Commercial HVAC Chillers (Trane Company)


Most understand that buildings are nothing more than concrete and steel boxes,

and we recognize that Each building has its own unique conditions that are needed to

ensure the health, comfort and productivity of its occupants.

More than half of the world’s largest buildings today are cooled by a Trane chiller,

which plays an important role in creating the right environment.

Not only do our chillers use HVAC systems that provide the right temperature, humidity

and ventilation for the space, Instead, they minimize operating costs

with minimal energy efficiency, low noise, and minimal environmental impact.



نماینده فروش قطعات تجهیزات سرمایشی ترین



The Trane CenTraVac chiller has received three US Environmental Protection Agency awards, including the 2007 Best Ozone Layer Award.

Trane’s extensive product line is built on decades of industry knowledge and leadership

And includes centrifugal, spiral-rotating and scroll compressor chillers with a capacity of 20 to + 4000 tons.

The most chillers in every corner of the world are trusted for the convenience and applications of the process.

Trane products in the EcoWise suite to help reduce environmental impact with next-generation refrigerants,

Low global warming potential (GWP) and high efficiency are designed.



Trane Optimus spiral rotary chiller


You need a cooler that provides reliable cooling performance and the capacity and energy efficiency and durability you need.

That’s why you need the Trane Optimus chiller.

Optimus chillers designed for faster and easier installation can instantly add value to new projects.

نماینده فروش قطعات تجهیزات سرمایشی ترین

And with advanced energy efficiency options they can significantly reduce operating costs.

Comfort, double cooling, advanced and specialized programs For many customers and their buildings,

Trane Optimus chillers are more than just one Put a different choice.


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