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Savino Barbara Refrigeration Equipment Sales Representative – Dimerco Company


Extensive experience in the design and manufacture of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic pumps

has introduced Savino Barbera as a reference in the use of hazardous liquids and 

liquids to protect against contamination.

The special construction of these pumps eliminates the possibility of contact between metal parts and liquids, 

while the choice of materials and manufacturing technologies ensures full compatibility with 

the products used, long life and compliance with applicable safety standards.

Savino Barbera also offers its own technical know-how and technical support, ensuring suitable solutions for all industrial pumping needs.


Continuous research on the production process and constant attention to customer problems, 

leading to high quality standards in terms of reducing environmental impact and optimizing performance

Updated auxiliary design completes final hydraulic-electrical test, after-sales consulting, parts replacement and repair activities.


Savino Barbara Refrigeration Equipment Sales Representative – Dimerco Company

Engineer Pouya Sadoughi



Savino Barbara Plastic Pumps


Savino Barbara Company under its license produces PP, PVC, PVDF, PE-HD centrifugal pumps for liquid handling. 

These pumps are used in industrial processes where the chemical resistance of the pump as well as safe operation, safe use and ease of repair are required. 

They are designed and built.


Savino Barbara’s fields of use:

Chemical industry processes and petrochemical units

Plating, chappi and acid washing industries


Washing gases and odor and smoke removal systems

Chemical fertilizers

Wastewater treatment

Water purification, water hardening, desalination and water desalination

Metallurgical industries

Generation of electricity and batteries

Glass and ceramics revitalizing metals and paper industries

Laboratories, hospitals and heating facilities

Model AS vertical pumps


Ideal for transporting corrosive liquids in tanks where the liquid level is variable. 

The use of these pumps prevents dangerous leaks and eliminates the need for outlets in the bottom of 

the tanks and allows the pumping of chemicals to be done with maximum safety. 


The pump shaft is up to 3 meters long, without an intermediate support, and with bushings cooled by the pumped liquid.



OMA model pumps

This type of pump is used to fill or empty tankers.

One-piece building. The pump shaft is directly connected to the motor shaft. Equipped with a mechanical seal (single or double) designed by Savino Barbara. It has a bottom mounting plate or a movable bottom tray.

نمایندگی فروش تجهیزات سرمایشی ساوینو باربرا


FUS pumps for barrel discharge


High-pressure pumps for transporting chemical products (non-abrasive and non-concentrated) from barrels. 


Made with pneumatic or electric motors. The required air is 0.8 cubic meters per hour with a pressure of 6 times. 

The pumps are made of plastic or 304 steel.


Due to the ease of transportation, these pumps are used for rapid sampling and evacuation or emergency services.


نمایندگی فروش تجهیزات سرمایشی ساوینو باربرا


BM model magnetic pumps in Savino Barbara:



Due to the magnetic coupling system and the lack of mechanical seal, 

these pumps provide reliable performance with minimal maintenance. 

These pumps are used in a wide variety of radioactive, flammable or toxic liquids. 

ATEX models are also made.

Liquids should be clean and free of particulate matter.

نمایندگی فروش تجهیزات سرمایشی ساوینو باربرا


BX diaphragm pumps from Savino Barbara


These pumps provide maximum safety for all applications that require pneumatic pumps and deal with highly corrosive liquids. 

Due to the lack of mechanical seal, these pumps can work dry without being damaged. 

Pumps are used for concentrated liquids and liquids that contain air or other gases or have abrasives. 

ATEX models are also made.

Model AG mixers

One-stage mixers with shafts and bushings immersed in the pumped liquid.


The length of the mixer shaft is a maximum of 3 meters and the rotation speed is between 600 and 2800 rpm.

These mixers are used for the operation of neutralizing and disturbing the contents of tanks with a volume of up to 20 cubic meters.

نمایندگی فروش تجهیزات سرمایشی ساوینو باربرا
نمایندگی فروش تجهیزات سرمایشی ساوینو باربرا

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