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Dimerco Company was established in 1980 with the aim of calculating, implementing and commissioning all electrical and installation systems, as well as providing services and maintenance of electrical and mechanical construction and industrial facilities.



So far, it has completed more than 200 construction, hospital, industrial, military and other projects, including the implementation of electrical and mechanical installations, commissioning of systems, and related service and maintenance.


Quality service

Dimerco company, using skilled engineers and technicians and having suitable machinery and workshop equipment, carries out its projects with the latest standards and common methods.


Knowledge and experience

In order to provide quality execution and maintenance services, the company selects its staff (more than 350 people) from among talented technical graduates with a valid degree.


Obtaining ISO documents

In order to maintain the high quality of services provided, the company has obtained ISO 9001 certification in the field of quality management and also for occupational health and safety has received HSE certification for the company and all personnel and annually goes through all auditing steps. .



This company with a specialized, experienced and related board of directors and the CEO of Engineer Pouya Sadoughi (owner of the license), member of the Association of Employers of Service and Manpower Supply Companies, member of the Association of Construction and Installation Companies of Iran



Exclusive representative of SAVINO BARBERA electric pumps (Savino Barbara) from Italy

And sales representative and after-sales service of cooling equipment of TRANE company (trane company)

And sales representative and after-sales service of cooling equipment CARRIER company (Carrier company)

And is the sales and after-sales service representative of YORK cooling equipment.


The company has been able to take firm steps to advance its goals by gaining the rank of

۴ facilities and maintenance services and 5 forces from the Vice President for Planning and

Strategy and the rank of 3 buildings in the field of energy consumption optimization.


Service and maintenance of electrical and mechanical construction and industrial facilities

Engineer Pouya Sadoughi



شرکت دیمرکو در تاریخ  ۲۰  ژوئن  ۲۰۱۳  موفق به دریافت گواهینامه ISO 9001 گردید.

این شرکت دارای رتبه ۳ در زمینه بهینه سازی مصرف انرژی می باشد.

این شرکت دارای رتبه ۵ تاسیسات معاونت برنامه ریزی و راهبردی می باشد.

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